Donate medical equipments to help develop test kits and genome sequencing:

  1. qPCR System 96 Well
  2. Automatic nucleic acid extraction system
  3. Nasopharyngeal swabs/Nostril swabs
    Flocked swabs, nylon material, adult size
    Flocked swabs, nylon material, children size
  4. Viral Transport Media/Universal Transport Media
    Viral Transport Media
    Buffer AVL (Qiagen)
  5. Sample Transport Storage Box
    Dry Ice Box
    Dry Ice
  6. Other Consumables
    Falcon Tube, 5ml (Sterile)
    Falcon Tube, 15ml (Sterile)
  7. Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
  8. Lab Consumables
    Microtube (200ul/0.2ml size)
    1.5ml tube
    Pipette Tips (1000ul)
    Pipette Tips (100ul)
    Pipette Tips (20ul)
    Pipette Tips (10ul)
    Ethanol Absolute
    96 well-plate
    PCR strips