Help Those Who Face Difficulties in Obtaining Oxygen Supplies

The soaring number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has resulted in the oxygen supply shortage. Hospitals and health facilities are unable to get oxygen supply quickly. The rare availability of oxygen has become a serious concern for the government.

Despite the limited supply, the distribution of medical oxygen has its own obstacles. Not all regions have medical oxygen distributors in their area. The process of mobilization and distribution also takes time, while hospitals and health facilities need oxygen immediately at the same time. The system of oxygen supply can run smoothly by ensuring that there are no obstacles from production to distribution, according to the government. The distribution based on needs and an effective procurement system are the keys to meeting oxygen needs throughout Indonesia.

Fundraising activity of Indonesia PASTI BISA (IDPB) Safeguards Oxygen was started from 12 until 26 July 2021 to donate 1,450 oxygen concentrators to hospitals in need around Indonesia.  IDPB Safeguards Oxygen raised US$ 1,213,354 from 790 individual and corporate donors. It exceeded the donation target (121.34% of US$ 1 million target) within 10 days.

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Thank you to all donors and partners for joining our movement to help hospitals get oxygen concentrators faster and accelerate COVID-19 patients care in Indonesia.

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Distribution Status

Indonesia PASTI BISA has ordered 1,000 oxygen concentrators. Distribution to priority hospitals has been coordinated with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health.

All times shown are Jakarta time (GMT+7)

04 September 2021

121 oxygen concentrators were received by 4 hospitals in 4 provinces: North Sulawesi, North Maluku, Aceh, North Kalimantan.

25 Agustus 2021

346 oxygen concentrators were received by 22 hospitals in 10 provinces: Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Gorontalo, South Sulawesi, Bangka Belitung Islands, Riau Islands, West Java and Papua.

07 Agustus 2021

242 oxygen concentrators were received by 16 hospitals in East Java, Jakarta and South Sulawesi.

28-30 Juli 2021

500 oxygen concentrators arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Indonesia, and were trucked to Waresix’ warehouse for shipment.

26 Juli 2021

15 oxygen concentrators were received by 3 hospitals in Lampung, Palembang, and West Nusa Tenggara.

21 Juli 2021

170 oxygen concentrators were received by 28 hospitals in 6 provinces. 30 oxygen concentrators are dispatched to 5 hospitals in 5 provinces.

17 Juli 2021, 08:00

180 oxygen concentrators were dispatched to 29 hospitals in 6 provinces. The 20 remaining units are waiting for documentation to be dispatched soon to 4 hospitals in 4 provinces.

14 Juli 2021

Each unit of 200 oxygen concentrators was labelled a QR Code by Advotics for tracking purposes.

14 Juli 2021

200 oxygen concentrators were being prepared for distribution to hospitals.

14 Juli 2021

200 oxygen concentrators arrived at Waresix’ warehouse in North Jakarta.

14 Juli 2021

200 oxygen concentrators were dispatched to Waresix’ warehouse.

14 Juli 2021

Handover of 200 oxygen concentrators from Indonesia’s Ministry of Health to IDPB team: CEO of Waresix Andree Susanto and CEO of Advotics Boris Sanjaya.

13 Juli 2021

200 oxygen concentrators arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Indonesia.

Changes of status and photo documentation are updated regularly.


IDPB Safeguards Oxygen collaborates with East Ventures’ portfolio companies to integrate the whole process, from payment to distribution. 

Bonza, a big data analytics company, utilizes its data platform to map and predict oxygen demand across Indonesia. Bonza leverages its end to end solutions to unify tracking across multiple platforms and provide maximum transparency and reliability across the whole process.

Xendit, a trusted and licensed fintech company, provides and manages the fundraising platform. KoinWorks, pioneer of fintech lending in Indonesia, provides a payment option by bank transfer. The fund will be disbursed directly to order oxygen concentrators for Indonesian hospitals in need.

Waresix, a logistic tech startup, provides warehouses and distributes oxygen concentrators to hospitals in need across Indonesia.

Advotics, an Indonesian based SaaS startup specializing in supply chain, tracks ordered oxygen concentrators until it arrives at destination hospitals through QR Code.  

IDN Media reports progress and result of the project weekly as well as provides relevant content.

IDPB Safeguards Oxygen also collaborates with the Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, IndoTech SG, Indonesian Professional Association Singapore (IPA SG) and KawalCOVID19.

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

All donations will be used to buy at least 1,000 oxygen concentrators with specifications as below:

Flow range: 1~10L/min
Oxygen Concentration: 95.5% ~ 87%
Maximum Outlet Pressure: 70kPa
Pressure relief mechanism operates at: 250kPa士25kPa
Operation noise level: ≤60dB(A) 

The number of oxygen concentrators purchased may exceed the target if IDPB is offered a more affordable price.



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