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Media & Commerce

– Oversee of all productions within the studio.
– Guiding both the strategic and day-to-day areas of production, including bidding on all shows in production, show staffing and production process and workflows.
– Sets the tone for a culture of mutual respect, creative collaboration, and client management on a show level.
– Making a strategic direction of the company including creation of sustainable growth plans and defining the policies and procedures that allow the company to thrive.

– 5 years plus of experience as a producer in an established studio/agencies
– Thorough knowledge of production and post-production pipelines in general
– Excellent presentation and strong communication skills
– Experience in managing large scale internal teams in a multicultural environment
– Proficient in project management and workflow tools
– Complex problem solving ability and always solution-oriented
– Strong operational sense and attention to detail
– Comfortable dealing with multiple projects in parallel
– Flexible and responsive

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