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Work with the product management team to translate business problems into research projects that drive great outcomes and impact.
Take lead in research projects and initiatives by helping researchers to define spot-on research questions and ensuring research team members are able to navigate the end-to-end research process and ensure the projects will solve the business problems.
Work with the Research Lead to plan research roadmap and manpower allocation Mentor and coach a team of researchers in order to help elevate the research qualities across products in Moladin, as well as to help the researchers grow their careers.
Build relationships with the product management, marketing, business, and design teams in order to better understand the problem spaces.
Improve the workflow and culture within the research team.
Lead researchers to manage and grow the research guideline through the process of evaluation & improvement.
Ensure proper research documentation are created for each research project to store and easily share context.
Attract and hire the best research talents that match company needs.

A rule of thumb of 4 – 8 years of experience in research, especially involving digital products.
Having a background in company with 100+ product team members is a plus.
Some experience in roadmap and manpower planning.
Experience in ever leading, coaching, and/or managing a team of at least 2 researchers.
A portfolio that showcases research projects that elaborate the problem, approach, and the impact of the result to the organization.
Ability to understand the identified problem and to dissect it down to the root cause, in order to understand the required data to solve the problem alongside the most efficient methodology to gather the data.
Ability to draw insights from both qualitative & quantitative data, and further identify actionable areas to work on.
Experienced in managing expectations of high-level internal and external stakeholders, as well as the ability to form consensus across a broad, fast-moving organization through excellent communication and interpersonal skills (including: negotiation, constructive feedback, presentation, managing expectations, and resolving conflicts).
Proficiency in navigating and conducting the end-to-end research process, from defining the research problem, scoping projects by understanding constraints alongside the urgency of needs, exploring the alternatives of research angles, involving closely the stakeholder during the process, sharing effectively the result, and advocating the result afterward.
Excellent communication skills in both English and Indonesian.
Excited in a fast-paced and high ambiguity environment.
Being actively involved in UX/Product Design communities is a plus point.

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