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Establishing standards, policies, and procedures for testing processes and procedures.
Managing the testing process by planning, scheduling, organizing, and coordinating efforts with other departments and personnel.
Reviewing results of tests to ensure that they meet established standards or making adjustments to improve results.
Working with software engineers to develop test plans and scripts to automate testing.
Performing quality assurance audits to ensure that the organization meets industry standards for best practices.
Conducting training sessions for new team members to ensure that they understand their roles in the testing process.
Identifying potential risks associated with a release of new software or hardware for which the company may need to develop countermeasures.
Managing and overseeing the progress of projects from start to finish.
Evaluating the effectiveness of new technologies and recommending changes to existing ones.
Give continuous feedback to Quality Team and constantly ask for feedback from them on areas that you should improve (during 1on1, day-to-day, and Performance Appraisal period).
Together with tribe/squad ensure QA’s are part of the quarterly OKR. Participate in the discussion and propose Quality Team squad OKR be part of a tribe/squad OKR.
Ensuring the product roadmap is feasible within the squad’s manpower.
Work together with other managers and Test Architect across the teams for any initiative that involves a lot of collaboration among squads/tribe members.

Experienced at least 3 years leading team or department.
Demonstrated ability to think creatively, generate and prioritize test cases and an understanding of complex systems.
A keen eye for detail and analysis, and you always keep the users´ needs and wants in mind.
Agile, scrum work experience preferred.
Fluent in the English language.
Basic database knowledge or SQL is a plus.
Experience in API and UI testing is a plus.
Experience with automated testing tools (SoapUI, Postman) and automated testing frameworks (Selenium, WDIO) is a plus.

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