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Agri Tech

Monitor the availability of IT Services/Servers.
Manage CI/CD and Cloud infrastructure.
Research and implement appropriate IT Technologies related to their job scope
Provision Install, Configure and Maintain IT Services/ServersTroubleshoot and remediate IT Services/ServersAutomate and streamline.
Operational Tasks and Processes.
Coordinate with Other Tech engineers.
Conform IT Infrastructure internal process with IT Procedure.
Automate and streamline above tasks (functions and processes).
In charge of the Life Cycle (end to end) all servers, services and related tools that are already stated above.

Preferably 1+ years of experience as Site Reliability Engineer/Software Engineer/Systems Engineer or similar software engineering role
Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields, or equivalent professional experience
Solid understanding of Agile Methods and Infrastructure as Code
Experience and advanced understanding of Observability, CI/CD and release management
Experience working with large-scale distributed systems with understanding of microservices architecture concepts
Experience in Infrastructure-as-Code and Automation

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