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Agri Tech


Consulting with management and relevant stakeholders to define goals.
Researching, developing and implementing data-gathering methods.
Analyzing and synthesizing data.
Reporting back on your findings and suggesting solutions.
Collaborating with coworkers and management to implement improvements.
Evaluating the effectiveness of implemented strategies.
Work closely with Data Engineering Lead, Data Engineering, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and AI/ML Engineer to deliver deliverables.


Minimum 1 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Analytics, or other related roles that require strong analytical skills, problem-solving, and business acumen (preferably from payment/ fintech industry)
Expert in SQL and data visualization (e.g. Metabase, Data Studio)
Comfortable working both independently with minimal guidance and in a team setting
Ability to use critical thinking to manage daily tasks while being goal-oriented
Ability to transform an ambiguous business or product problem into a well-scoped and impactful analysis
Have strong statistical knowledge and able to independently select and implement the correct statistical test to answer business question
Good R/Python skills to perform advanced analysis (hypothesis testing, predictive, clustering, etc) will be a plus.

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